What Are My Options for Entry-Level Accounting Jobs?

The area of public accounting is wide open and often the first stop for those seeking entry-level accounting jobs. Public accounting is a tremendous asset to your resume. It also gives you the trustworthiness that employers are searching for. Having a public accounting experience increases the chances of attaining a job, and they are even higher for those who have a Canadian CPA certification. If employment is being sought through a job agency Toronto has to offer, you should be sure to include as much information about your experience as possible. There are some downfalls to seeking employment in public accounting. Along with a limited career path, with little room for growth, and a high-stress job coupled with long hours, this route can be undesirable for an extended occupation.

Additional Options for an Accounting Career

There are other options to pursue an entry-level accounting position. One may choose the private industry and government sectors. The private industry has a much more intimate type of relationship. The accountant and client have a business partner role rather than a consumer/employee relationship. The big money stands to be made in the corporate accounts. Even though there is a much higher stress level and very long hours, this increase in salary is well-earned. Also, the ability of the company to remain in good financial status is integral to the stability and security of your employment.

There are a couple of other options to consider putting your efforts toward as well. The government often hires accountants and has strict standards to abide by. While the pay is decent and the benefits are great, there is not a lot of room for growth in this particular avenue. Finally, not for profit is a consideration one can make. It looks great on a resume and proves you have a true love for accounting since you have donated your time to the not-for-profit sector and, therefore, received no compensation for your efforts.

Decisions, Decisions…What to do Next?

As you can see, there are plenty of options for accountants to consider when seeking employment. With various additional certifications available to complete and receive recognition for, you can increase your base rate of pay. This is largely dependent upon the sector you choose as well as how much effort you want to put into attaining additional certificates. Possibly, the hardest decision you will have to make is what niche you want to classify yourself under. Each one has its own unique opportunities and possibilities, so there is a way to find something that will be perfect for you.

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