What Are Some Entry Level Accounting Jobs?

Once you are a certified accountant, there are several entry-level accounting jobs that you can choose as a career. Public accounting is often a first stop on the career path of a new accountant. The reason behind this logic is that being a public accountant looks very good on one’s resume. It provides reliability since the candidate has already had experience in the field of expertise. Employers typically look for two things when hiring an accountant. One of the things that an employer looks for is if the person is a Certified Public Accountant and whether they have their accreditation for cash jobs in Toronto, Canada, and the other thing is if the person has experience in public accounting.

If you work for one of the largest public accounting firms or a regional firm, you can have priority over some competitors. Along with this priority come benefits that other entry-level accountants may not be able to gain access to, such as better pay, the ability to work with high-end clients, more certifications for career advancement, job stability, and often the opportunity to travel if desired. However, there are some disadvantages that an entry-level accountant may face. The work is often very stressful and can require long hours.

Which Career Path Should I Take as an Accountant?

There are opportunities in the private sector of accounting as well as other options for employment for junior accounting jobs. If you choose to go into the private sector, you may feel more advanced due to the fact that an accountant in this area is often more of a business partner than simply a middle man. Along with this advancement, however, come more responsibilities than with a lesser job. Since you would be operating more as a business partner, the stress and responsibility level would be greatly increased. You could deal with very sensitive issues that could make or break a company. With that being said, your job stability in this area depends largely on the stability of the company where you would be employed.

There are opportunities in the government sector for accountants. They are also available at varying levels, such as federal, provincial, and local. These types of jobs are also challenging and have a great level of stability with benefits above the standards of some other job opportunities. Retirement plans, pensions, and a great deal of time off are three of the most outstanding bonuses. However, there are also a few disadvantages. There is not as much opportunity for salary advancement in this sector. The starting pay is intriguing but there is not a lot of growth in that area.

No matter which path you choose to take, there are certain adventures that await the new accountant in their field of expertise. We hope that you will allow the professionals at Team Global/MSM to assist you in your next job search and help you find your dream job.

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