What Are Some Specific Receptionist Resume Skills?

The field of receptionist is quite competitive, so it is important that you are specific and thorough when placing your receptionist resume skills listings. This is vitally important if you are attempting to gain employment through a temp agency Toronto offers. In order to gain the best paying job for your specific qualifications, you should be very specific and detailed in your descriptions of your exact experience in these areas. Listed below you will find some pointers on how to successfully complete an attractive resume.

  • Your ability to communicate well- Be sure to draw attention to your ability to communicate successfully both verbally and through various written methods. Do not forget to mention the listening aspect, which will enhance your ability to provide optimal customer service.
  • The art of multitasking- A receptionist should have an innate ability to handle various jobs at once and not get easily frustrated. Listing the multiple high-stress situations you have handled previously would be a good mention in these areas.
  • PRIORITY-Being a receptionist is often a stressful job due to the fact that you must decide quickly which issues should take precedence in given situations. Having a strong stance is important in this area because you do not want to come across as indecisive since this would be contrary to what the employer desires.
  • Highlight your organizational skills- Draw attention to your ability to quickly retrieve needed information.
  • Brag on your technical abilities- If you have excessive skills in a particular program or software, do not be ashamed to draw attention to this fact.
  • Be a good mediator- A receptionist often hears all of the office gossips. Your ability to be a peace-maker and not only maintain but promote good relationships in the office is vital.
  • Be a problem solver- Do not be afraid to go above and beyond to impress an employer. Additional duties are being added to a receptionist’s job description at a rapid pace. If you are not afraid to face new challenges, it could give you the advantage you need to get the job.
  • Dependability is a MUST- Highlight your ability to be a rock in the dependency department.

Always Draw on Your Strengths

If you have an innate ability to communicate on the phone, do not hesitate to highlight your phone resume skills. It is not important if some of the skills that you list seem to be something that everyone should know; you should always list them in your resume anyway. A well-written resume can be a huge determining factor as to whether or not the employer chooses you for the job. This is especially true for the job position of a receptionist. Prove that you are a well-rounded employee and you could gain the advantage to be just the person for the job.

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