What Employers Want In General Laborers?

Thinking of working as a general laborer? Although it does not need formal education, candidates will have to find a suitable area they want to work in. For this, they need to learn about job duties, necessary skills, and training so that they don’t end up making a wrong decision. MSM Group would like to throw light on important factors while searching for general labor jobs in Scarborough.

Necessary Information

Normally, the general labor jobs in Scarborough are associated with heavy construction sites, buildings,s and highways that need increased human power as compared to mental abilities. Since the laborers are required to act upon the instructions or plans, there is no limit to education however, skills and specialized training are important.

Other information includes:
On-the-job training, certification is needed for laborers who will have to remove hazardous materials in the future.

  • Projected job growth (from 2012 to 2022) is 24% in the construction industry
  • The average salary would be $35,020

Job Description for General Laborers

When it comes to analyzing the general labor jobs in Scarborough, candidates have to be certain that they will be performing different tasks at various construction sites. Some tasks are small and can be learned easily however, there are some jobs that need experience as well as training. The laborers are required to work in any weather condition or even in buildings within air conditioning or heating. In some jobs, they will have to adopt precautionary measures like wearing gloves, goggles, safety shoes, etc.

Job Duties of General Laborers

There is no particular explanation of what general laborers have to do. Sometimes, they will be preparing and cleaning job sites, using different machines or tools (grinders, Pressure washes, blowtorches, levels, water spraying equipment, power drills, forklifts, and lifts) and delivering materials while in some projects, their task is to scaffold, set-up and take down ladders. They also are responsible for helping masons, carpenters, and other professional contractors.

Common Requirements

  • General

The general labor jobs need laborers to have physical strength, hand-eye endurance, and coordination. They must focus on completing their tasks and have good communication skills to keep in touch with other team members.

  • Educational

Since there is no minimum education limit, anyone can easily apply for general labor jobs. However, the applicants need to have specialized skills so as to ensure desired results. Candidates, who want to apply for a formal apprenticeship, should be 18+ years old and possess a high school education in the general shop, blueprint reading, mathematics, welding, and physics.

Training and Advancement

General labor jobs in Scarborough that needs laborers to remove asbestos, lead, and other dangerous materials require specialized training and certification along with knowledge of precautionary measures that will keep them safe. Some machines and tools are computerized and the operator, therefore, needs to have technical knowledge. Estimating skills, goo inter-personal and computer skills are also required in general labor jobs in Scarborough.

Employment Information and Compensation

According to different studies, the MSM Group has found that the general labor jobs in Scarborough will increase by 24% until 2022, thus creating more and more opportunities for the candidates.

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