What Is The Objective of a Resume? How To Write A Resume Objective

What Is The Objective of a Resume? How To Write A Resume Objective

Job hunting is becoming more and more competitive. The first things that a potential employer will see are your cover letter and resume. Therefore, you need to grab their attention with a professional resume that proves you are the ideal candidate for the job. This is especially true if you are beginning your search and have no relevant work experience. A resume objective is a quick way to capture their attention so they will further pursue your resume. 

What is the objective of a resume? How does one compose a resume objective that will set them apart from the rest of the crowd? We will answer this and more in the following blog. The best way to get a heads up on the competition is to enlist the help of your local job temp agency. They can help you spruce up your resume, compose a cover letter, and even help you find the job of your dreams.

What Is the Objective of a Resume?

A resume is a brief summary of your work, education, and experience to give an employer insight into your potential. If you have work experience, you will use what is called a “resume summary.” Those with no work experience will instead use a “resume objective.” The resume objective is ideal for recent high school or college grads or anyone else who does not have past work experience.

Generally speaking, a resume objective is a short summary of your career goals. You can also include any skills that are pertinent to the job in question, as well as your greatest strengths. The resume objective is the first thing the employer will see after your contact information. It should not contain more than three sentences. It is a good idea to search for specific resume objective examples that are geared toward the job for which you are applying. 

What Is The Difference Between A Resume Objective and Resume Summary?

In theory, resume objectives and resume summaries are similar in that they provide the employer with a brief synopsis of your goals, strengths, and experience. However, a resume summary is just that…a summary of your work experience. Those who do not have any job experience will instead include a resume objective. Both the resume summary and resume objective should be no more than three sentences in length. You will go into more specifics in both the resume and your cover letter. Most employers simply just glance at the resume summary or objective before they ponder the resume in full. This is why it is important to compose a summary or objective that will catch their eye. Now that you know the objective of a resume, here are some tips on composing a resume objective.

How to Write a Resume Objective?

  • Be sure to tailor the resume objective to the job you are applying for. A bold general statement of “hoping to obtain a job in teaching” is vague, so you need to be more specific. A better example would be, “I want to dedicate my life to educating children and watching them grow.”
  • Don’t forget to include those particular abilities, skills, and education that will help both you and the company obtain their goal. Keep in mind that a resume objective is not only about yourself but about what you can bring to the company.
  • Focus on your strengths and what you can personally bring to the company. Keep your tone both positive and professional. This is your one chance to catch the attention of the hiring manager. 

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