What to Say in a Job Offer Rejection Email

What to Say in a Job Offer Rejection Email

Have you recently been offered a job but ultimately decided it wasn’t for you? It is considered proper etiquette to officially decline the offer instead of simply ignoring the job offer email. 

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But for those unsure how to properly compose an email declining a job offer, we are here to help. Read on to find out what to say in an email declining a job offer.

Why You Should Decline an Official Offer of Employment

There are many reasons why you should decline an offer of employment. Following are some main reasons for turning down an official job offer.

  • You did not feel comfortable with the staff or hiring manager.
  • There is an indication of high turnover within the position.
  • You were given an extremely short time to accept or decline the job offer.
  • You were unfairly treated or disrespected during any step of the job application process.
  • Any of the job duties are unrealistic or unethical.
  • If you honestly think you can not handle the job or perform any of the duties outlined in the job offer.
  • Never accept a job offer if you are asked upfront for money, as this may be a pyramid scheme or scam.
  • If you have looked up the company on sites such as Glassdoor or Indeed and found nothing but negative reviews from past or previous employees.

What to Include in a Job Offer Rejection Email

Subject line:  Refer to the job offered and include your full name in the subject line.

Greeting: Your greeting should be professional, as if you were applying for the job. Use the name of the hiring manager or whomever you have received the official job offer.

First paragraph: Thank them for offering you the job. Next, state your reason for declining the job. Keep it professional. For example, if you decline the job offer because you got a bad vibe from the interview, you don’t need to state this in the email. An example of a reason to decline a job would be as follows:

  • After great consideration, I must decline the offer for _______. I do not feel it is the right fit for my long-term goals. 
  • Thank you for the opportunity. However, I have decided to remain in my current position for the time being.

Closing: Close the job offer rejection email as you would any business email using “Yours truly,” “With regards,” or “Sincerely.” Be sure to sign your name and include your current contact information.

Additional Advice for Sending Job Offer Rejection Email

  • Be prompt in sending your response. This will give them ample time to find another candidate for the job.
  • Keep a polite and professional tone in the email. You don’t want to burn any bridges should you wish to pursue another position in the company in the future
  • Remain positive. Do not say anything negative about the company or the position, even if you disagree with their policies or were not impressed by the hiring manager.  
  • Keep it brief. The less you say about your reason for declining the job, the better. 
  • Proofread your message before sending the job offer rejection email. 

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