When and How to Use an Elevator Pitch in Business

When and How to Use an Elevator Pitch in Business

If you work in the business world, chances are you are familiar with the term elevator speech” or more commonly elevator pitch. What exactly do these terms mean, and how are they used in the world of business?

In this article, we shall touch on the specifics of elevator pitches. Those who have worked with a job agency in the past have probably heard the term at one time or another.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

Essentially, an elevator pitch is a brief summary of your work experience and background. It is called an elevator speech, or pitch, in that it should be brief enough to be able to prevent the pitch on the time it takes to ride an elevator.

The speech should include a bit about you as a person, your skills and what kind of job you would like. It is a quick way to prevent your credentials and level of expertise briefly and succinctly.

You can use this form of speech when introductions are made at marketing and networking events, and other such professional gatherings. As well, it can be used to answer the question “tell me a bit about yourself” doing a job interview. 

Some people even include their pitches on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram in their bio section. This is a great way to make connections online.

Now that you understand the term, we shall discuss how to write an elevator pitch.

Tips for Composing an Elevator Pitch

  • Keep it short

Ideally, the pitch should be no longer than 60 seconds. It is simply a summary of who you are and what type of work you perform.

  • Be persuasive

Make sure your elevator speech is compelling enough to catch and hold the interest of those listening. 

  • List your skills

Be sure to include your qualifications including education, certifications, training, and any relative work experience.

  • Be opened minded

 Keep an open mind and remain flexible.  You want to show that you are willing to adapt to change and open to new opportunities and possibilities. As well, you will find yourself in many different scenarios in which you can use an elevator speech, and they may vary. Be able to adapt your speech to different situations.

  • Stay positive

Keep your pitch upbeat and positive. Do not say anything negative about toast positions or employers. 

  • Be conscious of your audience

Include terms and experiences that are relevant to the audience to whom you are speaking. 

  • Briefly state your goals

State your goal simply, do not dwell on specifics. For example “a role in marketing” or “the chance to use my skills in a new market” and so on.

  • Practice

You need to work on the speed of your pitch. You don’t want any gaps or long pauses, but you don’t want to sound too rushed. Record your pitch or practice in front of a friend or family member for feedback.

*Bonus tip: Keep your business cards handy

You never know when the opportunity for an elevator pitch may present itself. Therefore, you may not have a resume handy. For this reason, you should always have several business cards on hand. Then, of course, you can follow up by sending a resume and cover letter if needed after you exchange business cards with prospective employers. 

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